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Color control

Color analysis and quality control in a wide range of industries

In various industries such as the automotive, packaging, printing and wood industries, color cameras play a crucial role in the recognition of specific colors. These industrial cameras are used in combination with the powerful software aku.visionManager® to perform accurate and reliable color analysis.

In the automotive industry, these cameras allow precise inspection to ensure that all components meet the desired color standards. In the packaging industry, cameras detect color deviations on labels and packaging, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

In the printing industry, cameras monitor the print process to ensure that printed materials have the desired colors and print quality is guaranteed. Even in the wood industry, cameras are used to control the color and quality of wood products and ensure that they meet the requirements.

The software aku.visionManager® further optimizes these processes by analyzing the colour information collected and deriving precise action instructions. This leads to efficient and error-free operations in various industrial areas.

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