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Reliable thermal imaging for industry

Today, thermography has long since become standard, as this modern technology expands the fields of application of machine vision by making invisible areas measurable. This includes measurements inside products or testing in previously inaccessible areas. Thermal imaging cameras measure the infrared radiation of a test object and display it as a thermal image. This adds the dimension of the seemingly invisible to image processing, as the camera converts invisible infrared radiation into a visible and analyzable image.

An indispensable component of any efficient quality assurance system

Quality control using thermography is fast, non-contact and non-destructive – making it an indispensable component of any efficient quality assurance system.

In the area of quality assurance, it is important to recognize the thermal distribution on the test object. A thermal imaging camera can be used to observe and subsequently analyze a wide variety of processes at a glance. The systems and components are measured without contact – production can continue without downtime, which increases efficiency enormously.

Thermography is mainly used in the food sector to check packaging seals and fill levels. Whereas in the past it was only possible to check individual features on a random basis, thermography can now be used to inspect all products, even at high process speeds.

Application fields

  • Temperature distribution
  • Gluing and sealing seam monitoring
  • Welding seam monitoring
  • Leak test
  • Lamination
  • Temperature measurement

Thermography as a reliable thermal imaging analysis for industry optimizes product quality, reduces downtimes to a minimum, lowers maintenance costs and increases profitability at the same time.


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