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Food and beverage industry

In our environment, where quality, safety and efficiency have top priority, we are at your side.

Our innovative solutions support food and beverage producers worldwide in optimizing their processes, ensuring product quality and achieving the highest standards. From quality control to traceability, our customized vision systems with aku.visionManager® software offer optimal solutions that far exceed standards.

Well-known customers in the sector:

aku.automation GmbH - Food and beverages

Application possibilities in overview:

Discover the wide range of applications offered by our machine vision technologies in the food and beverage industry.

  • Quality control: checking food and beverages for defects
  • Packaging inspection: checking labels, barcodes and packaging for correctness and integrity
  • Fill level monitoring: Monitoring the fill levels of containers and packaging
  • Foreign object detection: Detection of foreign objects in products or packaging
  • Portion control: Monitoring the correct portion size of food
  • Sorting and separation: Automatic sorting and separation based on properties such as size or color
  • Defect detection: quick identification of damaged products or faulty packaging
  • Traceability: reading codes or markings to ensure supply chain traceability
  • Color and quality inspection: Identification of color deviations and ensuring product consistency
  • Shape and contour checking: checking the shape, contour and volume of foodstuffs in accordance with the standards
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