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In the dynamic world of the automotive industry, precision and efficiency are crucial in order to hold one’s own against tough competition. Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of a vehicle, from design to production and recycling.

Thanks to our customized machine vision systems and our many years of experience, we are able to support automotive manufacturers. Our goal is to improve production processes, ensure quality and the highest standards. Using our customized machine vision systems and artificial intelligence, we use a wide range of methods from detecting component defects to checking paint quality. We focus on top performance and drive innovation in order to offer our customers optimum solutions.

Well-known customers in the sector:

aku.automation – Automotive

Application possibilities in overview:

  • Defect detection for components: detection of faults in car body parts, engine components and electronics
  • Quality control for welding seams: testing welding seams for integrity
  • Vehicle measurement: accurate measurements of vehicle components
  • Surface inspection: monitoring of paint and coating quality
  • Assembly monitoring: control of component assembly
  • Traceability and identification: use of codes and marks for the traceability of vehicles and components in the supply chain
  • Reading chassis numbers: recording and checking chassis numbers for the identification and tracking of vehicles
  • Checking tire quality: monitoring tire quality for damage, irregularities and tread depth
  • Interior inspection: checking the interior fittings for integrity, accuracy of fit and quality standards
  • Safety systems: monitoring and evaluation of safety systems such as airbags and brake assistants
  • Inspection of electronic components: checking electronic components for placement and correct assembly
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