Solutions K Technologien K Deflectometry


The precision of surface analysis

Deflectometry is based on a sophisticated principle of light refraction and reflection. It enables us to illuminate surfaces at the smallest level and precisely analyze the resulting changes in light. This process provides us with valuable information about the structure, texture and shape of objects that remain invisible to the human eye under normal lighting conditions.

Detection of the finest deviations, irregularities and defects

Our experienced specialists at aku.automation make targeted use of deflectometry to achieve precise characterization of surfaces. This technology allows us to detect the finest deviations, irregularities and defects that would not be detectable by conventional means. In this way, we can not only assess the surface quality, but also analyze the exact shape of an object.

Whether smooth surfaces or three-dimensional structures – deflectometry provides reliable data that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.


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