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Logistics sector

Our customized solutions are designed to increase efficiency, maximize accuracy and optimize logistical processes.

From automated code capture to tracking goods movements, our vision systems with the intelligent aku.visionManager® software offer the performance you need.

Our technologies enable the automation of processes such as object recognition, sorting, palletizing and packaging control. We aim to optimize your logistics processes and help you achieve the highest quality standards.

Well-known customers in the sector:

aku.automation GmbH – Logistics

Application possibilities in overview:

  • Code reading and tracking: Automated capture of codes on parcels, products and pallets for supply chain tracking
  • Package measurement and dimensioning: Precise recording of package sizes and dimensions to optimize freight spaces
  • Object detection and sorting: detection of objects on conveyor belts and automatic sorting
  • Palletizing and depalletizing: Automated handling and arrangement of products on pallets
  • Inventory management: monitoring and tracking of stock levels
  • Defect detection for goods: Identification of defects, damage or missing parts in goods and parcels
  • Marking check: Checking labels and markings for correctness and placement
  • Monitoring of conveyor belts: Continuous monitoring of the flow of goods and detection of bottlenecks or malfunctions
  • Packaging inspection: checking packaging for integrity, sealing and compliance with standards
  • Verification of loading processes: monitoring and verification of the correct loading of delivery vehicles
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