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Images without perspective distortion

Telecentric lenses also measure with fluctuating object positions, e.g. across the image field in the X and Y directions, without perspective distortion. The aperture angle of the optics is practically zero degrees within a defined range. Result: The image is displayed without perspective errors, the image is absolutely parallel to the beam path.

Reliable inspection of spatial structures

Compared to entocentric optics, telecentric lenses not only inspect vertically in the center of the image, but also at the edge of the image. This means that even spatial structures, such as boreholes and flanks, can be reliably inspected.

When using telecentric lenses, distances measured within a defined range also have the same image scale in the axial direction. Even if the object to be checked is positioned closer or further away from the camera, the measured distances in the image do not change! This effect is called the telecentric range, which is similar to the usually somewhat smaller depth of field range, but not completely identical to it.

Telecentric lenses ensure perspective-free and distance-independent measurements.


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