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Full service

As specialists, we can improve every step of your process

Planning your plant

We are there for you and act as your consultant for machine vision throughout your entire production process. Our expertise extends to knowledge of your processes and customer processes. The result of our work is characterized by reliable technology, economical approaches and dependable machine vision. Our message – the earlier the customer involves us in the planning process, the better the end result will be.

Project implementation

Our strengths lie in quality and budget compliance. We use manufacturer-independent systems to ensure maximum reliability in the cost structure. The functionality and performance specifications of our solutions are reliable. We ensure transparency throughout the entire project and organize it professionally. Our binding statements are the cornerstone for smooth implementation. We also manage your resources professionally and offer personnel redundancy to prevent failures.

Optimization of existing systems

Our philosophy is characterized by continuous improvement and flexibility. The aku.visionManager® is used to provide you with the tools you need to actively work on optimizing your systems. If you have any questions, our service hotline is available to provide you with the best possible support. We focus on you, and our solutions are designed to optimize your processes and increase your productivity.