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Our machine vision systems open up a wide range of applications to optimize your packaging processes. From quality control and labeling to fill level control, our systems offer precise and efficient solutions. Discover how our technologies can redefine the packaging industry and help you achieve the highest standards.

The integration of machine vision into packaging processes enables increased accuracy, efficiency and product quality while reducing costs. With our aku.visionManager® you always have an overview, even with a large number of different products, thanks to the clear product management.

Well-known customers in the sector:

aku.automation GmbH – Packaging

Application possibilities in overview:

  • Quality control: Automated inspection of packaging for defects, damage or contamination
  • Labeling and marking: Precise checking of labels and markings for correct printing and placement
  • Fill level control: Ensuring the accuracy of the fill quantity in packaging
  • Packaging density check: Ensuring the correct arrangement and stacking of products in packaging
  • Sorting and separation: Automatic separation of products based on size, shape or other characteristics
  • Packaging integrity: detection of sealing problems or packaging damage
  • Code reading and tracking: Accurately capture codes for tracking and inventory management
  • Product counting: Automatic counting and checking of products in packaging
  • Dimensional measurement: Precise measurement of packaging and products for compliance with standards
  • Safety inspection: detection of foreign objects or non-compliant elements in packaging
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