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Shape from Shading

Detects the smallest deviations on surfaces

The inclination- and curvature-based 3D method Shape from Shading is mainly used in automated industrial quality control for surface inspection tasks. With this technology, the object to be inspected is illuminated from four different angles one after the other and a gray-scale image is taken of each. In the subsequent image evaluation, inclination and curvature information is determined on the basis of the surface shading – this provides information about the surface quality of the inspected object.

Identification of structural deviations and defects

Shape from Shading reliably identifies small geometric structural deviations and defects – e.g. cracks, scratches, pores and notches – from a depth of just a few micrometers, even on reflective or glossy flat surfaces.

Shape from shading ensures reliable detection of faulty parts in the μm range, especially for demanding surfaces, thus minimizing pseudo rejects and increasing efficiency at the same time.


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