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This is us.

This is aku.

Company profile

aku is a leading company in the highly competitive machine vision market

With innovative solutions and a ground-based approach, aku supports customers worldwide in optimizing their production processes and ensuring the quality of their products. Thanks to customized machine vision systems, high-quality camera systems and intelligent software, aku enables efficient inspections, tests and fault detection.

Our values

The company is characterized by a high level of expertise, years of experience and a continuous willingness to innovate. aku provides comprehensive support in all phases of the process, from planning and consulting to implementation to continuous optimization. In doing so aku attaches great importance to individual solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements and needs of each customer.

By combining technology, expertise and a customer-oriented approach, aku is moving successfully in a highly competitive market. The company is always ready to offer its customers the best solutions to strengthen their competitiveness and outstanding results. aku is the ideal partner for companies looking for reliable, efficient and future-oriented solutions in machine vision in order to assert themselves in this challenging market.

By integrating machine vision solutions, aku is helping to minimize the industry’s environmental impact while increasing efficiency and quality. As a responsible company, aku strives to integrate sustainable principles into the core of its business activities and thus make a positive contribution to society and the environment.