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2D technology

The evolution of precision

2D technology forms the foundation of our ability to capture and interpret visual data in the highest possible level of detail. By using the latest color and monochrome cameras, we open up a wide range of application possibilities to help you overcome the most complex challenges.

Color and monochrome cameras

Color cameras offer us the opportunity to capture the world in its natural splendor. They make it possible to see and analyze products and materials in all their colors. This technology is invaluable when it comes to detecting subtle nuances, performing quality checks and carrying out visual inspections at the highest level.
Monochrome cameras, on the other hand, focus on precision and sensitivity. They are able to perceive even the smallest differences in light levels, which is crucial for certain applications. These cameras enable us to capture and interpret accurate data even in challenging environments and difficult lighting conditions.

Our experts at aku.automation know how to make targeted use of 2D technology in combination with color and monochrome cameras. This enables us to offer you customized solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements.

Whether it’s quality control, inspection, measurement or sorting – our 2D technology opens up a universe of possibilities.


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