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We offer customized machine vision solutions that take the performance of robots to a new level. Our technologies enable precise object recognition, quality control, assembly assistance and more. From identification to the transfer of coordinates, we offer the key components for optimized and efficient robotics.

The combination of robotics and machine vision opens up a wide range of possibilities for the automation and optimization of manufacturing and assembly processes. With the aku.pickIt software based on the aku.visionManager®, you have access to this world even without in-depth knowledge of machine vision.

Well-known customers in the sector:

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Application possibilities in overview:

  • Object detection and gripping: Precise identification and secure gripping of objects
  • Quality control: Automatic inspection for defects, surface faults and color deviations
  • Assembly assistance: Precise alignment and assembly of components
  • Dimensional measurement: Exact measurement of parts for specifications
  • Navigation and environmental analysis: safe movement in complex environments
  • Weld seam inspection: Automatic monitoring of welding seams
  • Tool tracking and detection: detection of tool condition and wear
  • Product packaging: Efficient packaging based on shape and size
  • Barcode reading and tracking: enables robots to accurately read barcodes to track and identify products
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