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Electronics industry

In these times, which are characterized by progressive development in the electronics industry, precision and efficiency are indispensable elements for sustainable success.

With our innovative approaches and customized machine vision systems, we create the basis for a wide range of applications. From circuit board inspection to automated assembly control, our machine vision systems offer safety and reliability in production. Our pioneering solutions help electronics manufacturers to optimize production processes, guarantee quality and achieve the highest standards.

Well-known customers in the sector:

aku.automation GmbH – Electronics

Application possibilities in overview:

  • Circuit board inspection: checking solder joints and components on circuit boards
  • Code reading: Recording and checking the readability of codes
  • Enclosure inspection: checking the assembly and integrity of enclosures
  • Troubleshooting: Identification of defects in electronic assemblies
  • Surface inspection: monitoring the surface quality of components
  • Positioning and alignment: Precise positioning of components
  • Connection control: Monitoring of connections and ports
  • Automated assembly: control and monitoring of automated assembly processes
  • Display quality control: checking display pixels and the quality of screens and monitors
  • Wobble circuit test: checking pins on connectors
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