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Structured light

Versatile and highly precise controls

The basic principle is, similar to the stereo camera systems, triangulation. However, like stereo camera systems, structured light projection requires stationary test objects.

With this method, the entire object surface is recorded at once. A stripe pattern is projected onto the object surface, which generates a light pattern based on the height structure of the test object – this is then recorded by one or more cameras.

Structured light is versatile in use

The high-precision measurement data is used in areas such as rapid manufacturing and reverse engineering. Structured light provides excellent data quality. In addition, the measuring fields can be scaled from less than 1 mm to more than 1 m with fringe light projection – making it suitable for testing very small and larger test objects. And: structured lights are ideally suited for industrial inspection tasks and checks such as shape deviation, completeness, position of components and volume measurements, primarily due to their high speed and simultaneous detection of large measurement volumes.

Application fields

  • Shape and contour control
  • Location and position detection
  • Cut positioning
  • Volume determination

Structured light is versatile and highly precise in its measurements. In addition to its great flexibility, it is also extremely efficient.


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