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Areas of expertise

Flexible, scalable and innovative!


Systems based on our aku.visionManager® are a central element of highly flexible manufacturing and production plants. Modularity, flexibility and adaptability are the basic building blocks for realizing even the most complex control tasks in machine vision.

Optimally tailored to the respective task, the system can be equipped with the most diverse and freely combinable imaging procedures. Classic 2D technology, three-dimensional image capture in the form of point clouds, color images and thermographic images provide the system with the image data for subsequent evaluation.

Diverse possibilities and almost unlimited algorithms

Almost unlimited algorithms are available to the user, from classic image processing tools and 3D CAD matching to deep learning algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence. Interfaces to the machine and production environment as well as statistics modules are part of the aku.visionManager® building block principle, making it an elementary module for recording the quality data of your production.

See for yourself and be inspired by the many possibilities offered by the modular concept of aku.visionManager®.