Innovative software for flexible production processes

Machine vision in focus

At the heart of the aku.visionSystems, the aku.visionManager® forms a framework that allows the integration of independent libraries, components and interfaces. Thanks to its scalability and modularity, the software can be adapted precisely to the respective application and solve a variety of tasks on different hardware and software platforms.

The available modules such as Statistics, type database and user management have a functional structure that can be used again and again. This enables the aku.visionManager® to offer an interface and a uniform operating concept for all customers and applications with maximum time and cost savings.

User interface

Detecting errors quickly and making diagnoses easily and safely, that’s what matters

The aku.visionManager® offers a whole range of bug detection features. This allows users to easily set tolerances, create statistics, change configurations, set up type databases and adapt the modules to the individual user. Thanks to the possibility of displaying machine and product screens, error diagnostics can be quickly created to intervene in production processes and stop possible errors.
Edit on the Fly – Patented!

The aku.visionManager® scores with a genuine innovation

Unlike traditional software programs, aku.visionManager® offers a unique feature that allows complete editing of all machine vision parameters and algorithms at runtime – Edit on the Fly.

Thanks to this patented function, no processes need to be interrupted or systems shut down. Tests and modifications can be made at any time during ongoing production. This increases productivity while saving time and cost.

Statistics module

Statistics indicate whether production is stable or process parameters need to be adjusted

With the statistics module integrated in aku.visionManager®, all data is recorded and presented in any form desired by the user. For example, you can display data trends defined by hours, days and weeks. In addition, mean values, sampling and status displays are possible.
Type database

Optimum clarity even with a large variety of products

Flexible manufacturing plants must respond to product change in the shortest possible time to ensure high productivity. A wide variety of products and groups can be managed easily and in a structured manner in the XML-based integrated type database. Products can be arranged in list form, groups or tree structures. Product-relevant parameters, such as exposure time, can be clearly presented and entered here.
Image source

Different imaging systems can be easily and reliably managed

The aku.visionManager® offers the ability to integrate and manage a variety of imaging systems. These include cameras that support the GenICam standard, such as various area scan and line scan cameras, systems for laser triangulation and structured light projection as well as stereo, thermographic and TOF cameras.

As an image source can contain several cameras of one camera type, all images can be output at once – for example, a component can be recorded from several perspectives and then all images can be processed at once. Programming is also very convenient, as all cameras are controlled via a menu.


The interfaces connect the aku.visionManager® to the entire production environment

The incoming and outgoing signals are distributed via the interfaces. The following interfaces can be used, among others:

  • ProfiNET
  • TwinCAT
  • Modbus (E/A)
  • Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • EtherCAT
  • SQL
  • ProfiBus
  • Digital I/O
  • RS232
  • Direct connection to the interfaces of robots
  • Communication with all robot controls
Custom Modules

Flexible production processes require flexible machine vision systems

The aku.visionManager® offers the customer a simple and flexible way to adapt or expand the vision system to new products and test features. aku.userInterface is an efficient tool available to the user to create and adapt new product types without much effort and without any programming skills.

Application example: Display of the product selection, which is used to load and train the corresponding camera program.


Pick & place without programming

The aku.pickIt software was developed on the basis of the aku.visionManager®. Integration of camera technology and robotic technology enables seamless collaboration. The result is a user-friendly solution that efficiently implements Pick & Place applications through intuitive operation.

aku.pickIt can manage robots regardless of manufacturer and number. Thus, multiple picking areas can be defined with just one camera system. The assignment is displayed clearly at all times. Whether the images consist of 2D or 3D data is irrelevant.

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aku.visionManager® – Highlights


The framework includes a runtime environment, libraries and a number of powerful components, providing an optimal basic structure.


Thanks to its scalability, the software can be tailored precisely to the application. At the same time, it offers the option to meet the increasing requirements of performance at the hardware and software level.


The available modules provide a functional structure that can be used again and again. In addition, the user can integrate its own, additional necessary modules via defined interfaces.


Changing tasks and dynamic requirements require a flexible software structure. Adaptations must be feasible in the short term without fundamentally altering the entire existing structure of the software.


The variety of tasks requires the use of different techniques of image generation. The integration of manufacturer-independent software and hardware components is a fundamental function.